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showcasing the beauty of music videos, one still at a time
This community intends to showcase, praise and exalt music videos as a legitimate and beutiful art form. Good music videos often get lost and forgotten amidst an ocean of lesser quality and music-focused rubble. That is, this not a community to pay tribute to music or musicians alone, but instead directors, editors, cinematographers, art directors, actors and all other people involved in creating music videos.

In order to do that and to not de-evolve into icon-making or stills-making communities like musicvideocaps and videos_icons (which are great, but are not what I'm trying to do), I think the best way is to limit the possibilities of posting so that each picture posted is powerful and beutiful enough on its own. Basically, I'm trying to do for music videos what film_stills has done and is doing for movies.

I, geeky_collector, am the creator and moderator of the community. I will be posting a lot of stuff from my personal collection of stills, but if you wanna join, watch, and/or post, go ahead, just remeber the rules:

1. Just one still (screenshot, screencap) per post, no more.
2. No text at all in the post. No title, no tags, no mood, no current music, nothing. If you want you can comment on your own post.
3. I'm placing a minimum width of 350 pixels per still (minus the black bars). This means you can't simply capture the stills from YouTube, because all videos there have a maximum 320 pixels in width.
4. Post good stills.

Hope you like the community!